Success Stories

Dear Dr. Cheney,

"Thank you for gently filing, shaping and working like an artist on my teeth. I've been telling everyone about the simple procedure you performed in minutes that doesn't hurt and has such a huge impact.

Before you worked on my teeth, they were chipped and looked uneven. What a transformation when you rounded them and "worked your magic" to soften my smile in a way that resulted in my teeth now looking perfect.

Thank you for the smile makover!"

Kim Bass

Dear Dr. Cheney and your marvelous Staff,

I wanted to take a minute to thank you all for making our dental health not only easy but enjoyable. My husband and I both grew up with an aversion to the dentist due to many reasons to he point that niether of us actually went to a dentist for close to a decade.

About 6 years ago I had a tooth break in half due to an unattended cavity and no longer had a choice about going to a dentist. I went to one that was recommended to me by my in-laws and although he was able to give me a semi-permanent fix for that he did nothing to change my mind about dentists in general and in all honesty I was ready to go back to my old ways once he was done. However I have a conscious and had make a promise to my mother that I would start going back for regular dental checkups. I decided to find a dentist closer to my home than the one I had just seen and went online and typed denists in Amesbury, MA. Your information was the first one to show up and you were within walking distance of the apartment I lived in at the time, add to that you were accepting new patients and that is how you became my dentist.

Approximately 5 years ago I walkid into your office for my first appointment with the mindset that all dentists were the same and I was dreading what was just a routine cleaning, Well, your hygienist changed my midset from "this is going to be painful" to "well that wasn't so bad", in fact it wasn't bad at all. Then you came in. By the time I had left I was almost looking forward to my next appointment which was to initially replace a filling that turned into a cracked tooth needing a crown. (I know that is kind of odd).

When I got home I informed my husband that he was going to be seeing you for a cleaning and check up and if he didn't make the appointment I would. He wasn't exactly thrilled with my wifely prodding (aka nagging) but did it to shut me up. Here we are all these years later and niether of us minds going to the dentist, in fact in a strange way I find it to be relaxing and fun experience (providing I have been diligent with the brushing and flossing that is).

In closeing I would like to thank you and your staff foe curing us of our dislike (for me pretty much fear) of dentist and for keeping our teeth healthy! You really are a marvelous group!

Rachel Warfel

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